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CLT Propellers SNAME Athens 2012 Presentation PDF icon CLT_SNAME_Athens2012_Presentation.pdf English
CLT Propeller new delivery 25-06-2014 PDF icon PressRelease25-06-2014_ENG.pdf English
CLT propeller presentation PDF icon ENG_CLT.pdf English
CLT Propeller SMM2014 presentation PDF icon CLT_SMM2014_Presentation.pdf English
CLT Propellers for De Poli 19,800 DWT Chem Tankers at Ningbo Xinle PDF icon PressRelease02-10-2014_ENG.pdf English
CLT Propellers ICHD2104 Draft Paper PDF icon ICHD2014-CLT - ABSTRACT-final.pdf English
CLT Propellers IMAM2011 Paper Adalid Gennaro PDF icon IMAM2011_AdalidGennaro_CLTPaper.pdf English
CLT Propellers SINM report 350-14 PDF icon Report350-14.pdf English
CLT Propellers SMM2014 flyer PDF icon FlyerSMM2014.pdf English
CLT Propellers SNAME Athens 2012 Speech PDF icon CLT_SNAME_Athens2012_Speech.pdf English
CLT Propellers Supplement to InfoMarine 2012 PDF icon CLT_Supplement_2012.pdf English
CLT Propellers Supplement to the Naval Architect 2005 PDF icon CLT_supplement_2005.pdf English
Comparison of Different Scaling Methods for Model Tests with CLT Propellers ICHD2014 PDF icon ICHD2014-CLT.pdf English
Elica CLT nuova installazione 25-06-2014 PDF icon PressRelease25-06-2014_ITA.pdf Italian
Focus on Propulsion Pods PDF icon ENG_POD.pdf English


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